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Seaside Rentals Tenant Placement Program may just be the answer to your vacant home.  The following is a detailed description of how this services works and offer some insight on how this may benefit you, the homwowner.


1.  We will market your property the exact same way we market our other properties.

You get all the same website exposure, leasing agent attention, Real Estate market notification and signage as our lease-with-management clients get. We currently receive 30 to 40 prospects contact us each month and can lease your home quickly to a well qualified tenant.


2.  You are 100% involved with the decision making.

We will contact you when we have a qualified application. We will show the property; process the application; pull their credit, rental history, and verify employment; then we will review the application with you. Since you will be managing the tenant you should be making the decision on who gets approved and the terms of the rental agreement. We will get your authorization in writing and prepare the paperwork, just as you have approved it.


3.  We will have the tenant authorize a Rental Agreement naming you (your LLC, Corporation or Land Trust) as the landlord.

This lease has been written and approved by the California Association of Realtors.  By being members of CAR we have the rights to use this Rental Agreement on your behalf. Real Estate attorneys have developed this Rental Agreement and is used throughout the state.


4.   You get all the original documents and the security deposit. Within 7 days of their move-in you will receive all the signed documents, application, credit report, security deposit and phone numbers. Seaside Rentals will charge just 50% of a full months rent for our finders fee and you the rest is all yours!


If the tenant renews the lease you owe us nothing.


Think about it:                                        


You get our marketing expertise, our professional staff, our time tested qualifying system, A rental agreement with addendums from the South Carolia Association of Realtors, and the benefit of our move-in procedures.


Here’s what to do:


Seaside Rentals is a local renting finding service.  Our goal is to send only qualified clients to your property whoses wants and needs match what the property has to offer.  Each prospective client is thoroughly interviewed to determine their housing needs, income and other qualifying information.  You are only billed for prospective residents that complete a lease and move in.

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