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Frequently Asked Questions

                           Seaside Rentals Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for a Property Manger and Property Management Company in the Beaufort area?  This FAQ section is designed to help you decide if our Property Management Company is right for you.  We believe that there should be a good fit between you, your Property Manager and your Property Management Company.

We hope that the following Q&A will offer insight on what you can expect from Seaside Rentals.

Q1:  Do I need renters insurance?

A1:  Although not required, it is HIGHLY recommended that all residents carry renter’s insurance to protect themselves and their personal property against losses.  The owner’s insurance does not cover your personal property.  Being faced with having to replace all your valuables can be a financial disaster.  Your insurance agent can advise you on this type of coverage.  The cost for most renter’s insurance is very affordable and well worth the expense.

Q2:  Why does Seaside Rentals do quaterly inspections on my home?

A2:  As the owner’s agent, we are responsible for reporting the condition of the property.  By surveying the property every three months we are monitoring the maintenance, care and condition of the owner’s investment.  This also benefits you as our owners are now in a position to approve maintenance, repair and replace items that might not have come to light.  According to the lease agreement, it is our right to see the property, but we respect that this is your home.  The property manager going by the home is one of our staff members and they will set a date and time for the visit.  You are welcome to be at home during the survey although this is not a requirement.  You are fortunate to loive in a home where the owner is conscientious about maintaining their property.

Q3:  Who is responsible for pest control?

A3:  Residents are responsible for pest control treatments unless it is stated in your lease that it will be covered by the owner.

Q4:  Does Seaside Rentals allow sub-leasing for tenants?

A4:  No.  We will help you find new tenants but you are not allowed to have anyone who is not on the lease stay in the property for any more than 14 days.

Q5:  What happens if I need to move before the end of my lease?

A5:  Your residential lease agreement outlines your obligations under the lease.  You will be responsible for a 60 day penalty for breaking your lease agreement. 

Q6:  Do I need approval to paint or change something in the home I am renting?

A6:  BEFORE YOU BEGIN any changes or modifications to the property (inside or outside) you must submit in writing a detailed request.  Failure to submit the request is a violation of the lease agreement and could result in deductions from your security deposit.  If your paint is approved you will need to drop off a paint sample card so that we have the color and brand of paint.

Q7:  What am I responsible for maintaining?

A7:  Residents are responsible for the monthly changing of their air conditioner/heating filters, replacing smoke detector batteries when needed (twice a year or more frequently), replacing light bulbs, keeping appliances provided clean and yard maintenance and watering unless this is provided by the owner. If you are not sure of your responsibilities as a resident, please refer to your individual lease, or call our office.

Q8:  When is my rent due? 

A8:  The rental payment is due on the 1st of the month with a grace period of 5 days with no late fee.  Rent can be paid by mail to 1551 Sea Island Pkwy  St. Helena SC  29920 or in person at our office.  Our office is open Monday through Friday 9:00am – 4:00pm.  Please make sure that your home address is written on your funds.  We also accept payments over the phone by calling 843-838-8001.


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